Monday, August 23, 2010

Pulsed power system including a plasma opening switch

Patent ID: US7634042

Issue Date: December 15, 2009

PCT Publication Date: October 13, 2005

Abstract:A pulsed power system has an inductive energy storage circuit (42) including a current source (43) and a plasma opening switch (44). The plasma opening switch has a transmission line (51, 52) coupling the current source to a load (41). The plasma opening switch changes from a closed state to an open state when a plasma discharge (45) in the plasma opening switch is driven by magnetic force from a first region along the transmission line to a second region towards the load. Electrical conductors (47, 48) are arranged for providing a stabilizing magnetic field configuration in the first region to magnetically latch the plasma discharge in the first region during charging of the inductive energy storage circuit, and current flowing along the transmission line from the current source to the load tends to disrupt the stabilizing magnetic field configuration and unlatch the plasma discharge from the first region and drive the plasma discharge toward the second region.

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