Monday, February 22, 2010


Use of OTC derivatives has grown at very substantial rates over the past few years. According to the most recent market survey by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association ("ISDA"), the notional value of new transactions reported by ISDA members in interest rate swaps, currency swaps, and interest rate options during the first half of 1997 increased 46% over the previous six-month period.2 The notional value of outstanding contracts in these instruments was $28.733 trillion, up 12.9% from year-end 1996, 62.2% from year-end 1995, and 154.2% from year-end 1994.3 ISDA's 1996 market survey noted that there were 633,316 outstanding contracts in these instruments as of year-end 1996, up 47% from year-end 1995, which in turn represented a 40.7% increase over year-end 1994.4 An October 1997 report by the General Accounting Office ("GAO") suggests that the market value of those OTC derivatives represents "about 3 percent" of the notional amount.5 Applying the 3% figure to the most recent ISDA number for

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