Sunday, January 17, 2010

VIDEO: HAARP Weather Control


A roadmap for North Slope Gas Development was developed in 1986. This included concepts from the original 3

ARCO patents and new ideas developed or embellished by subcontractors from Titan Systems Corporation and

SAIC Corporation. The major subsections of the roadmap were:

Ballistic Missile Shield

Strategic Space Weapon Defense

ASAT (Anti Satellite Weapon)

Satellite Corridor Formation (Van Allen Belt Drainage)

Over the Horizon (OTH) Reflector (Ionospheric Patch Formation)


Detection and Discrimination

Satellite Interrogation

Ground to Space Power Beaming (ARCO Satellite Gas Station)

Nuclear Weapons Effects Simulation

Atmospheric Modifications

Weather Modification

Environmental Modification

Space Elevator

Ballistic Missile Launch Detection (Whispering Gallery)

Synergistic Applications

Enhanced Oil Recovery

The history in HAARPSROOTS indicates progress in some of these areas. (i.e. contracts awarded) The HAARP

facility itself was an outgrowth of this road map. A generic briefing was prepared and Simon Ramo and others

helped ARCO and APTI (A wholly owned subsidiary of ARCO at that time) market various concepts. Some of

them, such as satellite corridor formation are active areas of research at the HAARP facility. Some figures that

were used during the "sales" efforts to the DOD are shown below:

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