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#1 HEIST: The Clinton Administration Mexican 'bail out' of the 1990s

#1 HEIST: The Clinton Administration Mexican 'bail out' of the 1990s turned into a major Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate money laundry with U.S. TAXPAYERS 'bail out' funds actually being directed and winding up in the coffers of the Bushes, the Clintons and former Mexican President Carlos Salinas.

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
George W. BushFRAUD, daddy George Herbert Walker Bush, brother Jeb Bush (AP),
and their criminal partners Bill and Hillary Clinton

July 1, 2009 and January 11, 2009 ...We can now divulge that the illegal trading of U.S. Treasury funds by Greenspan on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, began in the early 1990s when then President Bill Clinton authorized a $500 BILLION U.S. Treasury loan to the Government of Mexico, whose President at the time was Carlos Salinas.

The loan was supposed to be for humanitarian aid, but we can now divulge that not one dime of it ever reached the Mexican People, and instead was used for trading purposes and money laundry for the benefit of secret accounts of the Bushes, the Clintons, Greenspan and, of course, President Salinas.

Note: It should come as no surprise then that the $500 BILLION loan was re-paid by Mexican President Salinas in a short period of time after the Clintons, Bushes and Greenspan successfully laundered the funds. This included the principle and the profits.

Reference: The Department of Justice, along with the SEC and the IRS, have new criminal referrals naming George Herbert Walker Bush, his sons, former illegal White House occupant, George W. BushFRAUD and his brother, former Florida Governor and election 2000 fraudster and fixer, Jeb Bush, along with the original masterminds, former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, involving the Clinton-Salinas Mexican bail out of the 1990s.

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partners
George Herbert Walker Bush, BushFRAUD, Jeb Bush and fugitive Marc Rich

August 1, 2009 ...P.S. At this hour, the U.S. Treasury is expanding its criminal investigation to include the known Clinton-Salinas Mexican bail out of the early 1990s, which dealt with counterfeit U.S. Treasury notes that never found their way into the hands of the Mexican people but were, once again, converted to Japanese yen and found its way into secret offshore accounts in Switzerland and Ireland with the benefactors being Bill and Hillary Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. BushFRAUD, former Florida Governor and year 2000 presidential election stealer, Jeb Bush, known Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman, fugitive Marc Rich, and the former President of Mexico Carlos Salinas.

The funds wound up at the Allied Bank in Ireland (where former Mexican President Carlos Salinas is in exile) with Israeli Mossad agent Lorraine Fine and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate financial enabler, CIA-P2 operative Gwendolyn Waymark, having power of attorney over these secret Irish accounts.

#2 HEIST: The Clinton Administration relief effort for the old Soviet Union in the mid 1990s for Boris Yeltsin's new Russian Federation turned into a fiasco when 90% of U.S. TAXPAYERS' funds did not go to the Russian People but wound up going to the Russian mafia and former Russian Federation President, alcoholic Boris Yeltsin.

The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, along with their Federal Reserve co-conspirators aka Alan Greenspan, were paid a massive commission from the Russian 'relief' funds with the bag lady for this heist being none other than, once again, the former First Lady Hillary Clinton 1990s White House confidant, wanted 7/7 London bombings terrorist suspect and East German DVD agent Eva Teleki.

The STOLEN funds may still be parked at the Deutsche Bank with none other than current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Eva Teleki and daddy Bush operating as custodial officers for the funds.

It is unclear if former Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has a controlling interest in these secret accounts, but as we have reported earlier, these accounts have been frozen by European INTERPOL.

#3 HEIST: Next came the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate alleged Yugoslavian 'relief' effort, following the 1990s Bosnian War.

Again, 90% of the funds were not directed to relief but were directed to Dick Cheney's Halliburton corporation that was given the contract by then President Clinton to rebuild Bosnia.

Most of the funds NEVER reached the Yugoslavian People and were laundered through Yugoslavian bank accounts that, at first, were frozen tied to the former Serbian President Milosevich.

Once the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate had LOOTED Milosevich's money, they then unfroze the accounts (once Milosevich had been taken into custody) and then used these ghost accounts to launder the Yugoslavia 'relief' fund.

The custodial officer in charge of these accounts is none other than, once again, East German DVD agent Eva Teleki.

It should be noted that Teleki transferred some of these Russian and Yugoslavian relief funds into the Deutsche Bank that were used to fund the noted 9/11 linked Hamburg terrorist 'Becker' cell that had a role in 9/11.

#4 HEIST: Another Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate 'relief' fund was the noted Katrina Fund tied to the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation [tied to various Ponzi Schemes]

Accused Ponzi Schemer Gave Tens Of Thousands To Clinton Foundation
Yet another organization with ties to prominent Democrats has received money from accused Ponzi scamster Hassan Nemazee. This time, it was the William J. Clinton Foundation that received a hefty donation from Nemazee, the New York financier and Democratic Party fundraiser.
Nemazee, who was charged with stealing $292 million from several banks, gave between $50,000 and $100,000 to the former president's charity in 2009, according to a donor list released yesterday. Read more

As we have previously reported, 90% of the Katrina Funds were laundered through the Central Bank of Iraq with the custodial officer being none other than current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Reference: U.S. Marshals were recently blocked from arresting Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when she nRattempted to withdraw funds from the Central Bank of Iraq.

These laundered Katrina Funds through the Central Bank of Iraq have been used to finance Blackwater/Ee bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, along with 'FALSE FLAG' terorrist BLACK OPS, as well as DIRECT funding for the Somalia pirates.

The Somalia pirates work in concert with major foreign intelligence agencies, including rogue U.S. CIA, which is comprised of old Iran-Contra players.

Somali pirates in small boats hijacked the arms-laden Ukrainian freighter Faina --
33 Russian T-72 tanks and "a substantial quantity of ammunition" were aboard
United States Navy, via Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The fact is various nation states, such as Holland and Spain, actually tip off the Somalia pirates to raid their own ships so that the Somalia pirates can take weapons aboard the vessels, sale them to alleged terrorist cells in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and then kickback the Spanish and Dutch monarchies a massive commission derive from black market arms sales.

Yes, folks, the Somalia pirates operation is another Ponzi Scheme.

Again, none of these relief funds found their way into the hands of the relief victims but wound up directly in the hands of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

May 30, 2009 ...The massive withdrawal of both STOLEN U.S. Treasury and Chinese Sovereign Funds from the Toronto, Canada-based Dominion Bank made by Bush Jr. and Bill Clinton also involve withdrawal of laundered Bush-Clinton Katrina Foundation funds that were laundered out of the Central Bank of Iraq through Jackson Stephens Inc. onto the Dominion Bank in Toronto.

January 25, 2009 ...The tie in between the Bush-Clinton Katrina fund and ponzi scheme artist, Israeli Mossad asset Bernard Madoff

#5 HEIST: Indonesia Tsunami -- Daddy bush and his bitch Bill Clinton were all over the news traveling everywhere allegedly soliciting for the 'relief' fund.

Most of the funds that were supposed to go the relief victims of the Indonesia Tsunami were STOLEN by both Clinton and Bush and laundered through a Singapore CIA proprietary, ANEKO Credit.

ANEKO Credit was originally under the control of American Patriot Ambassador Leo Wanta and Chinese Intelligence agent Howie Kwok.

Reference: Bush and Clinton had Howie Kwok assassinated, and of course, had Ambassador Leo Wanta illegally incarcerated on two (2) occasions.

Both Bush and Clinton then used rogue CIA types to basically steal ANEKO Credit from Ambassador Wanta.

As much as this pains me to say it, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh was right, you would have to be a real sausage to send a check to the Bush-Clinton gang aka these two con men.

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At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. still remains the year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated, natural born REAL President of the United States.

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