Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oscar For Obama

Obama's Cairo speech was a thing of great beauty. It had the best production, best actor, best script we have seen for many years, it deserves the Oscar of Oscars. America's ruling elites have pulled up their socks and gotten their country the best leader to improve the rundown image. Obama is a next-generation model of a leader, not yet available abroad. He is a great speaker, full of charisma, tall, slim, youthful. He proved: yes, they can. Our friend and former US presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney explained Obama phenomenon: "things don't happen like that in US politics, probably in politics any where in the world, where a veritable unknown ascends to the Senate unopposed and then is a candidate for the White House two years later. It just doesn't happen that way. Unless it is by design

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