Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thanks to the Internet, tens of thousands of people are realising each month what kind of a sick joke

Why can a crack pot drug addict work out where to buy drugs, but the police can’t? Don’t give me that silly excuse that there is no point catching the small dealers in the street, that the police needs to get the people behind them, at the top. They had plenty of time to do so and they didn’t. It’s still easier, after decades of prohibition, to buy heroin anywhere in the Western world than buying a decent second hand car.
Why is that it took only months after the Taliban shut down opium production in Afghanistan, for the West to put together a military campaign to oust the government and restore production to pre-Taliban levels?
Why is it that seven years later everybody talks about pulling out their troops from Iraq, but nobody – not even war-tired Germany – says anything about reducing their troops in Afghanistan?

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