Thursday, December 4, 2008

ABove SOMALIA is a Backward Nation.. BELOW one of the MOST important pieces of Real estate

During that period, Somalia experienced only six months of relative peace and order in 2006 before the Washington-backed Ethiopian invasion abruptly ended the Islamic Courts Union rule and caused Somalia to sink into its worst political and economic conditions. Today, with over a million IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) and a total of over 3 million people being on the verge of starvation, Somalia is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Yet, with its 1,880 mile coastline and its proximity to the Middle East and Bab Al-Mandab -- one of the world’s most critical trade arteries -- Somalia still remains the most coveted strategic space.
Washington’s influence in The Horn (of Africa) has been on a steady decline since pulling its troops out of Somalia in 1994, following that infamous episode known as “Black Hawk Down.” But, now that a whole new geopolitical dynamic is rapidly developing in the Middle East and The Horn -- the increased volatility of the Middle East as Israeli-Iranian tensions increase, and China’s multi-billion dollar oil deals with various African nations to name a few -- Washington is compelled into a Cold War-like maneuvering for influence.
Ensuring dominance throughout the region in terms of land, water, and air is the name of the game- A game that historically shattered the region’s aspiration for peace, co-existence and development.
The National Intelligence Council’s report, Global Trends 2025, projects that the U.S. will have competition in its role as the world’s most influential nation.

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